Agenda’s and Minutes

Up to 2013 we emailed agenda’s and minutes of the monthly meetings to all members.  Many members who did not have email also received them by regular mail.  In 2013, we decided that it was smarter to communicate with our members through the website and our periodic email / e-newsletter distribution.  This also prevented sensitive information from being distributed to the general public. Minutes and agenda’s would only be distributed to board members, regular meeting attendees and anyone else who was appropriate and specifically requested them.

It is always a challenge to keep this list fresh, since most new members have no way to know they should ask to be on the list and it is difficult to decide when someone should be removed.  All board members should be watching and suggesting edits to the list whenever appropriate.

The current list is:

Angel, Alanna and George

Clarke, Justin

Cressman, Rob

Draves, Jody

Ford, John and Tish

Garvey, John

Grigg, Jeff

Leggatt, David

McKay, Glen

Miesner, Laurie

Miller, Jason

Mole, Murray

Purdy, Don

Redden, Kim

Rowe, Bill

Schnieder, Darrell

Siegel, Kevin

Sobol, Ed

Taylor, Casey

VanDereyk, George