To keep charitable donation requests from being personally motivated and out of cluttering the general meetings, in 2014 we appointed the General Manager and the past president to designate a charitable donation for the club to equal approximately 5% of the previous year’s net sales. (ie for 2014 we did approx. 20,000 in 2013, less 4,000 to eota = 800 donation.)
In 2015 we changed the committee to be all of the past presidents and changed to be 4% of estimated total sales. 

Any member may make a suggestion to the committee and any charity petitioning the club may be referred to the committee but this policy keeps personal projects out of meeting discussions and omits any lobbying of board members.

The Bye Bye Summer ride proceeds are seen as a completely separate project and may be designated within the planning of the ride.  If other fundraising projects occur, they are also to be seen as separate.