Memory Lane

The memory lane walking trail was commissioned by SBPATV over the 2018 season.

Running from the Rankin Junction to a very picturesque setting on the banks of the Rankin River, the trail offers a little solitude and a place to take a  break from your quad riding.

The trail was built in memory of  club members who took an active part in the operations of SBPATV, who loved the geography of our trail network and who are no longer with us.

The area is a work in process and will be developed further over the next several years.



In Memory Of:

December, 2016, we lost Liz McKay, a long term treasurer, board member, director and friend of SBPATV.  

June, 2018; SBPATV bids farewell to Ian Ralston, the most prolific rider ever on our trail network, who lost his 10 year battle with cancer and passed away on June 27. Ian knew every inch of our trails and logged over 50,000 kilometers on 3 different machines over his years of riding with us. He served on our board of directors offering guidance on all issues but his knowledge of what was happening on the trails was unprecedented and invaluable. As the ultimate watch dog and tour guide, he will be truly missed by our club and everyone he ran into on the trails.