Miscellaneous Policies

2013 Drivers License:
Since a driver’s license is required on road sections of trails and since every machine is labeled no under 16, we did not want to be responsible for off road use of non-licensed riders. We decided that a valid driver’s license would be required on all our trails and we would change entry signage to reflect this.  The Bruce County Land Use agreement also included this restriction.

2014 Guest Pass:
Board and title members are best ambassadors to recruit new riders therefore we adapted a “guest pass” where these members can take a guest rider and issue a complimentary day pass.   Day pass is required to insure the waiver is signed but write “Guest” on the completed permit.  We would remit the EOTA portion of the permit.

2014 Motions and voting
Our bylaws call for 6 directors meetings annually and a quorum of directors to pass any motion. Since we combine directors meetings with general club meetings, while we want all participants to vote on issues so we know everyone is on the same side, in a contested issue only the directors votes actually count. If in question only a director is able to make a motion, chair and club members need to ask a director to make motions.

2014 Tree Cutting

To conform with requirements from all our public stakeholders (Georgian Bluffs and Bruce County by agreement) we trained 5 members for chainsaw safe operator certificates. Along with 2 previously trained, these are the only members permitted to operate chainsaws on public lands.

George Angel, Mike Angel, Glen McKay, Derek Purdy, Don Purdy, Darrell Schneider, Ron Williams.  Should anyone else be permitted, their certificate must be registered with the county and the township.