Owen Sound

As of Tuesday June 14, 2016 O.R.V.’s are legal on most streets and roadways in the City of Owen Sound. See below for exceptions.

As of September 6, 2016 we are now able to operate on all Grey County roadways within SBPATV areas with the exception in the city of Owen Sound of 2nd Avenue West (Grey Road 1) from 10th Street to 14th Street West
and 2nd Avenue East (Grey Road 5) from 1st Street SW to 1st Street East.
Legal operation on Grey County roads is limited to between sunrise and sunset from May 1 to Nov. 10.

In Short:

You may not operate on any City property which is a park, sports field, playground, trail, cemetery, sidewalk or boulevard, save and except a designated parking lot in accordance with parking regulations;
You may not operate in such a way which causes or is likely to cause the destruction or reckless endangerment of any person or property
No person shall operate an Off-Road Vehicle on a City roadway between Sunset and Sunrise; between November 1 to March 31 of any year; in excess of the speed limit set out in section 22 of Ontario Regulation or contrary to any safety, equipment or operating requirement set out in Ontario Regulation 316/03 made under the Highway Traffic Act.

ORV’s are not permitted on

1. 1st Street East from 2nd Avenue East to the entrance toHarrison Park
2. 9th Street East from 1st Avenue West to 3rd Avenue East
3. 10th Street West from the Westerly City limit to 9th Avenue East
4. 16th Street East from 9th Avenue East to the Easterly City limit
5. 1st Avenue West from 8th Street West to 10th Street West
6. 1st Avenue East from 8th Street East to 10th Street East
7. 2nd Avenue East from 8th Street East to 10th Street East
8. 9th Avenue East from Southerly City limit to 16th Street East
9. Moores Hill (2nd Avenue West) 4th Avenue West The intersection with
2nd Avenue West

Make sure you know the regulations before you ride: Full bylaw is available here.