South Bruce Peninsula ATV Club
Volunteer Reward Points

Criteria for receiving reward points:

1. Must be a current annual member of the SBP ATV club in good standing.
2. Points must be authorized by a Official Board Member or Committee Chair Person (Leader).
3. Points cannot be transferred.
4. Members with 15 years of continuous membership and service with the SBP ATV club will receive a lifetime membership. Service can include attendance at meetings, volunteering at events or projects, or sitting on the Board. Lifetime members must apply to the Club for an annual permit.
5. Refer to the Reward Point Matrix for points per activity.

Criteria for redeeming reward Points:

1. Points can only be redeemed by a valid permit member. A 60 day grace period can be considered for expired permits.
2. Points can only be used by a member for themselves or immediate family member (spouse, son, daughter, father, mother)
3. Points can be used to offset the cost of memberships (up to 4) and purchase of promotional items (such as hats, jackets, sweaters, etc.) up to $200.00 annually provided they carry the SBPATV logo.
4. A minimum of 25 points must be accumulated before they can be redeemed.
5. Points accrual must not exceed 600.
6. A minimum of 25 points must be accumulated in the current year to carry over to the following year.
7. Points can not be redeemed for cash, but only as specified herein.

Procedures for Reward Points

1. Each point is equivalent to $1.00 value
2. Points earned must be reported to the Points Administrator
3. The Treasurer must report points spent to the Point Administrator.
4. To acquire a permit with points, the membership permit must be issued by the treasurer.
5. To redeem points for purchased promotion items, a receipt for the item must be presented to the treasurer and the treasurer will issue a cheque to the member.
6. The Points Administrator will issue a points status report to the Treasurer and President each month.
7. The points record will run for a 12 month period coinciding with the club fiscal year. The points remaining at the end of the year will be forwarded to the next year.
8. When points reach 600 for any one member, some points must be used or no further points will be accrued.
9. The Points system will be reviewed and revised annually to adjust for current conditions.
10. This program will become effective Jan. 1, 2016.
11. Updated: Jan.14,2019