Trail Development History

June 2010; Boat Lake Trail opens including current Sauble River, Rankin River and Swamp

Summer 2011 added Grey County Side (all roadways) + initial Rock Cut and Georgian Rail Trail

Summer 2012 added Coles, Kemble Mountain and Bruce Caves on the Grey County Side

April 12; presentation to Owen Sound for Corridor; declined

Feb 13 presented, 9/13 toured, 2/14 rejected; McNab lake Grey Sauble conservation

 South Bruce Peninsula presentation;

 June 12; effort to connect to Huron Shores; abandoned

 June 12; public meeting in Wiarton to develop north ; abandoned

Feb 13 Deer Run approval from Bruce County, opened May 13

Spring 13; with Texas gates, Willies Way opened 17 to Clavering

Fall 13, Benallen staging area was created

Spring 14; private land approval from Pat Bridges extends WW to Center Diagonal

Summer 14; redecking of the Park Head Bridge with Sauble Sno Riders

Summer 14 rebuild rock cut top and bottom 

Fall 14 created Charlie’s Pass

Summer 15  rebuild the Sarawak Kepple bridge at Church SR

Fall 15; lost S. Clarence Ave and reworked Carsons trail from west to east side of Silver Lake Cr.

Fall 15 – Summer 16; created new trail in Bruce County Forest which became centre of Bedrock Alley 

Summer 16  lost Bruce Caves Trail to threatened conflict with Niagara Escarpment Commission 

Fall of 2017 created a reroute of the Rankin Parking Lot moving atv traffic off the roadway to behind.

 June through October 2018;  Created Memory Lane

Opening of 2018 included new trails in the MNRF sections of the Sauble and Rankin River Trails incorporating trails which were previously snowmobile only 

Summer 2018 Development of “North of Wiarton” with first phase opening spring of 2019