Trail Monitoring

Trail Monitoring policies and the Bruce County Manual on trail monitoring will be on this page

Trail Monitoring Guidelines:

Set up on private land trails or land use agreement trails.  Remember, Crown land is open to everyone.

Do checks safely and in pairs. Wear proper attire. (at least one in SBPATV vest)

Use Stop signs

If machine has current provincial trail permit, wave them through. If not, explain the user pay system, that they are trespassing and where we sell permits (all info is on website) Obtain as much info as possible including plate # (camera or phone photo is good) Make and Model of machine and driver discription.

Do Not say “Buy permit or leave” but if no permit ask them to leave.  If they wish to purchase and you have a pass go ahead and sell them one.

No Dirt Bikes are allowed on private lands or Bruce County land.

Remember that the Georgian Rail Trail passes are legitimate on the GRT.