Our mission;

To Design, Develop, Maintain and Monitor Safe ATV Trails in the Bruce Peninsula Region.

The club operates over 250 kilometres of trail stretching from Highway 21 in the south to Lions Head / Bruce Rd. 9 in the north between lake Huron on the west and Georgian Bay on the east.
The trails are a healthy mix of off-road trails, multi-use rail trails, unmaintained and back roads with a few paved roadways connecting the network together in a loop that takes approximately 10 hours to complete. Trail map may be downloaded from our map page.
Food and Fuel are available along the trail in Sauble Beach, Wiarton, Shallow Lake, Pike Bay and Howdenvale. Accommodations are available throughout the network with multiple choices in Sauble Beach and Wiarton.

By entering our trails you understand and agree with the following:

You are using the trail at your own risk
Helmets are mandatory
You must know and obey the off road vehicle act (ont) plus local regulations
You must use caution at all times
Emergency and cell phone service may not be available
No dirt bikes or trucks permitted
Many trail sections are multi use, expect & respect other users
Valid drivers license, vehicle permit and proof of insurance are required
Provincial Trail Permits (EOTA or Park to Park) are mandatory

Safety Tips

Be prepared for unexpected emergencies

– Bring a first aid kit.
– Bring water and snacks.
– Ensure you or someone in your group has an ORV that is equipped with a winch. Even if not riding in mud or deep water, situations can and do occur when using a winch will be necessary to dislodge or right an ORV.
– Bring rated tow straps in case an ORV in your group breaks down.
– Bring emergency-signaling devices — flares, whistles, and cell phones can all be lifesavers in an emergency.

When riding on Roadways

– Always ride on the shoulder or, if there is none, as far right on the road as you can with your headlights on.
– If the speed limit of the roadway is more than 50km/h, the speed limit for an ORV on that roadway is 50km/h. If the speed limit of the roadway 50km/h or less, the speed limit for an ORV on that roadway is 20km/h.
– Do not allow any persons under the age of 16 to operate an ORV.

Ride sober and ride alert

– Never operate an ORV while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Not only can it cost you your life or the life of other trail users, it carries the same consequences as getting caught driving while impaired in your car.
The club has a Zero Tolerance policy and the Ontario Provincial Police patrol the roadways and trails regularly.
– Always be mindful of what is ahead of you on the trail — not only what is on the ground in front of you but also what obstacles lay 50 feet or more ahead of your ORV so that you can adjust your speed accordingly.